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Build a Bot

Build a Bot - Sound


Create your own Robot Tiger with Build a Bot by Colorific!

Build a Bot Sound is easy to make and you can even add your own personal touches! Switch it on and clap to watch it hop towards you. Take your Build a Bot Sound character apart and reassemble, mix and match your characters. Follow the instructions to assemble your character with simple click 'n' create system, decorate with pretty stickers.

Build a Bot takes S.T.E.M learning and robotics to the next level by building and personalising your very own character. Simply build, customise and play! Build a Bot brings S.T.E.M learning to young children. With its unique click n’create system, Build a Bot is easy to make. Simply follow the instructions to assemble your character, decorate with stickers then switch it on to bring it to life!

Features & Benefits

- Build your own character from over 20 parts
- Cute characters for any child
- Personalise your creation with a variety of stickers
- Take apart and reassemble, or mix and match your characters
- Easy click together pieces
- Built in sounds (3 x per character)

Age Range

4-7 I may need some help
8-12 I can do it!

Product Dimensions

Packaging Measurements -
L: 280mm
W: 55mm
H: 300mm

Product Measurements -
L: 154mm
W: 96mm
H: 153mm

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