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Build a Bot

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Build a Bot takes S.T.E.M learning and robotics to the next level by building and personalising your very own character. Simply build, customise and play! Build a Bot brings S.T.E.M learning to young children. With its unique click n’create system, Build a Bot is easy to make. Simply follow the instructions to assemble your character, decorate with stickers then switch it on to bring it to life!


All Build a Bots are different... some hop, some wriggle, some walk, some crawl, some flap their wings… some will even make noise for you or light up your room! Hours of fun.  



TVC Build-a-Bot: Sound

How To Video Build-a-Bot: Sound

TVC Build-a-Bot: Paw Patrol

How To Video Build-a-Bot: Paw Patrol

TVC Build-a-Bot: Bugs

How To Video Build-a-Bot: Bugs

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