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Slingball Splash

Hook, launch and catch it with Sling Ball! Use the rubber loop to launch the ball through the air for your friends to catch in their racquets. The large basket makes catching easier than ever. Still loaded with two balls, a launch hook and net, the Splash version has balls designed for soaking up water for a slinging splashing good time. Easy to use and great for the beach, park or backyard. Use more racquets and have a multiple-player game.

Features & Benefits

- Easy to use
- Use more racquets and have multiple players
- Easy to use Launcher on racquet, no need to throw the ball!
- Balls designed to soak up water
- Great for the beach, park or backyard

Age Range


Product Dimensions

Packaging Measurements -
L: 112mm
W: 51mm
H: 345mm

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