Wood WorX


Wood WorX is a unique range of wooden DIY kits for boys and girls to make, paint stick and play! As one of Colorific’s best performing brands globally, Wood WorX has released 100s of wood modelling kit designs over the past 17 years. Wood WorX caters for all age groups from 3 years old and up and the kits include everything you need - including components such as FSC approved wood pieces, paint brush and pots, sticker sheets, and step-by-step instructions making it easy for kids and parents to build and play together.


The Wood WorX range includes a variety of licensed and non-licensed kits so with so many cool designs available, the hardest thing about Wood WorX is which one to choose!


Colorific is also proud to be FSC certified, with our long-standing Wood WorX range now produced with FSC certified wood.

Wood WorX - Star Wars

Wood WorX - Pixar

Wood WorX Classic

Wood WorX Junior

Wood WorX Mini



How To Wood WorX Star Wars - Millennium Falcon 

How To Wood WorX Star Wars - AT-AT Walker

How To Wood WorX Star Wars - Boba Fett's Starfighter

How To Wood WorX Star Wars - The Mandalorian

How To Wood WorX Star Wars - The Child

How To Wood WorX Star Wars - AT-ST Raider

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