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Metal Worx

Metal Worx


Metal Worx is a fun, safe way to introduce kids to metal construction and using realistic tools. Sharpen D.I.Y and S.T.E.A.M skills with easy assembly and disassembly of your very own excavator

Construct alone or with family and friends – build using the instructions, or design your own creations! Durable construction activities for hours of fun.

Features & Benefits

- Detailed instructions included
- Includes all you need to build your metal Excavator!
- Build using nuts, bolts, wrench, and hexagonal key!
- Durable construction activities for hours of fun

Age Range

8-9 I may need some help
10-15 I can do it!

Product Dimensions

Packaging Measurements -
L: 140mm
W: 40mm
H: 225mm

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