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Maker Masters

Maker Masters

Project Lock Box

Keep your items safe with the Maker Masters' Project Lock Box. Assemble the box yourself with the included screwdriver and screws. Designed to look like a shipping container, you can decorate the panels with graffiti inspired stickers. The combination lock will keep any unwanted eyes from viewing your items.

Maker Masters kits are the perfect next level activities designed to enhance your bedroom or living space. Everything has been included to create and display your project.

Features & Benefits

- Includes screws and screwdriver to help assemble the box
- Combination lock to secure your items with the ability to set your own code
- Easy to follow step by step instructions
- Sticker sheet to help decorate your lock box

Age Range

8-9 I may need some help
10-12 I can do it!

Product Dimensions

Packaging Measurements -
L: 200mm
W: 55mm
H: 270mm

Product Dimensions -
L: 200mm
W: 80mm
H: 110mm




Downloadable Instructions

Project Lock Box

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