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Weave 'n wear with LotsaLoops! the fun new activity brand that’s poised to sweep the schoolyard this Summer!

LotsaLoops combines the time-tested play pattern of finger weaving with cute themes and super juicy colours. Create your very own wearable creations by weaving patterns with colourful stretchy fabric loops. Create single braids and fishtails to hang on your school bag or make friendship bracelets!


Customise by adding cute, colourful charms to your creations. LotsaLoops comes in delicious themes like Sparkle Berry, Frosty Icing, Sherbet Twist and Melon Swirl. 

Check out the videos below to see what's included in each LotsaLoops pack and learn how to do your first two finger weave!


For more ideas on how to make cool bracelets, bag tags or headbands watch the LotsaLoops Weave Guides in our media below.



How To (video 1) LotsaLoops

How To (video 2) LotsaLoops

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