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Kids Projects

Kids Projects

Tape 'n' Paint Mugs

Makeover 2 mini mugs by masking, painting, and baking them to seal in the colours with the Kids Projects Tape 'n Paint Ceramics kit. Perfect for a group activity on rainy days when you and your best friend want to create something fun. Whether you want to draw lines, patterns, smiley faces or a heart, this kit is perfect for budding artists. With bright paint colours included, you will be sure to stand out with your favourite mug in hand.

Features & Benefits

- Includes 2 mugs to design and paint!
- Bake your creation to finish it off
- Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions
- Create cool designs using the masking tape included

Age Range

8-9 I may need some help
10-12 I can do it!

Product Dimensions

Packaging Dimensions -
W: 200mm
D: 75mm
H: 270mm

Product Dimensions -
W: 65mm
D: 65mm
H: 90mm




Downloadable Instructions

Tape 'n' Paint Mugs

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