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Jolly Kidz

Jolly Kidz

Roly Poly Mat - Farm

Take a trip to the farm and see all the different animals with the Jolly Kidz Roly Poly Playmat: On The Farm Design! This thick mat is durable, high quality and long lasting as well as fully waterproof and easy to clean. Roll it up in a handy fabric bag when you’re on the go. They are also reversible; just turn them over and enjoy twice the fun. On one side, you’re playing alongside the farm animals and on the other, you’re learning all their names and the letters of the alphabet.

Features & Benefits

- Safe: soft and cushioned, 12mm thickness, non-toxic
- Durable: high quality and long lasting, can be used for years
- Hygienic: fully waterproof and so easy to clean. Simply wipe with a sponge and lukewarm soapy water
- Reversible: turn it over for twice the fun
- Educational: great tool to teach babies and toddlers about animals, colours or shapes
- Comes rolled up in a handy fabric bag

Age Range


Product Dimensions

Packaging Measurements -
L: 1300mm
W: 180mm
H: 180mm

Product Measurements -
L: 1300mm
W: 180mm
H: 12mm

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