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Jolly Kidz

Jolly Kidz

Magic Panel Playpen

Tired of the same boring square playpen? Get creative and mix up your child’s play space with the Jolly kidz Magic Panel Playpen. The brightly coloured panels are so easy to click together to create squares, rectangles, hexagons and more. Made from high quality, easy to clean plastic, it’s light enough to lift but durable for years of use. You can pack it away, travel with it and set it up quickly to use wherever you are, indoors or outdoors! To make things even easier for you, there’s even an instructional video on the Jolly kidz website and YouTube to show you the trick to assembling it! You can even double the size of the playpen with the Magic Panel Playpen
Extensions sold separately.

Warning: Do not leave children unattended.

Features & Benefits

- Tough and durable
- Bright and colourful
- Uniquely extendable
- Rounded edges and corners
- Simple to assemble
- Easy to store
- Suitable for outdoor use
- Flat packed for transport
- 16 individual panels included
- 4 packs of extra panels available separately
- 10 Year Extended Warranty available

Age Range


Product Dimensions

Packaging Measurements -
L: 620mm
W: 310mm
H: 560mm

Product Measurements -
L: 1100mm
W: 1100mm
H: 602mm

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