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Magical Sun Catcher Kit Assorted

Catch the sun's beautiful glow through your bedroom window with the Colorific FairyLites Magical Sun Catcher Kit. This fun kit features two Sun Catcher characters that can be filled with brightly coloured crystals to create pretty stained glass ornaments that can be hung from any window or similar surface.

Features & Benefits

- Includes 2 FairyLites characters - a fairy and her pet
- Coloured crystals melt to form a smooth, glass-like appearance when baked in oven
- Each Sun Catcher features a hanging loop to insert a suction cap through
- Includes instructions
- 2 x FairyLites Sun Catchers, Transparent window stickers, 6 x Coloured crystal tubes, 2 x Suction caps

Age Range

6-7 I may need some help
8-10 I can do it!

Product Dimensions

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