We're bringing more fun to the outdoors with Zactiv, our range of unique products that are perfect for backyard fun or to take to the park, beach or playground. Zactiv products are easy to use, cover a broad range of ages, and focus on bringing fun to the outdoors.

Make a splash this summer with Aqua Gear, our exciting range of outdoor water battle products that are portable, refillable and perfect for play time in the backyard, pool or down the beach! Charge up your Hydro Charger and Splash Shield and get ready for battle!


Sling Stix will change the future of every ball game ever played! Grab a friend to play and aim the suction cap on the Sling Stix to catch the ball! To sling ball press trigger to release as you throw. Power, Sling, Play with Sling Stix!

Or test your hand eye coorindation with Slingball! Use the rubber loop to launch the ball through the air for your friends to catch in their rackets! The large basket webbing in the rackets makes catching easier than ever. Hook it! Launch it! Catch it! With Slingball Classic.

The Range

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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