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We’re taking unboxing and collecting to the next level giving kids something new to collect, wear and share with Funlockets! Funlockets are fun collectibles full of secrets. Follow the keys, unlock wearable surprises, add to your collection and share or trade with friends. Find the keys, unlock the mysteries!


Funlockets Secret Jewellery Box comes in 2 cute colour combos and has over 18 surprises inside including keys, lockets, charms and a necklace or bracelet to collect and wear!


Funlockets Secret Rings come in 6 pretty colours and each one has a surprise inside!

The next unique unboxing experiences from Colorific brings surprises within surprises with the Funlockets Secret Surprise Treasure Hunt Tower. All new charms to collect and swap with your best friends. Find new ways to explore the secrets: levers, keys and inlaid gems. 

The Range

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Where to Buy

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