Skeletown FAQ

Important Notes

  • Skeletown requires careful pouring and mixing of liquids, adult assistance is recommended!
  • For Skeletown Gel to dry, bottle contents must be fully emptied and completely mixed as per instructions.
  • Be sure to keep areas protected, gel may stain fabrics and other surfaces.
  • For further assistance visit


Continue stirring until gel is no longer cloudy.

Confirm that gel was fully mixed and combined liquid is clear. Drying times may vary depending on mixing and room conditions.

Washing suggestions: Gel must be removed quickly to avoid permanent damage. Scrub gently with warm soapy water and repeat as necessary. Even if quick action is taken, staining may occur on some surfaces.

Bottles have been packed to be mixed at 3:1 ratios. One bottle will be emptier than the other, product is not faulty if one is emptier than the other.

Remove lid with tweezers and allow gel to fully dry.

Mix, pour and allow to dry in a well-ventilated area. Skeletown meets Colorific’s rigorous safety requirements and has been approved as kid-safe for all markets which the product is sold in.

Drying times may vary depending on mixing and room conditions. Leave characters in mould until touch-dry. Remove from mould and stand character up to allow it to fully dry on a hard-plastic surface.

To avoid mess, place remaining gel, mixing tub, and stirring utensil in a plastic bag. Tie off/seal plastic bag and place in trash can.

For any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact our friendly staff at 1800 801 545 (free call in Australia) or (+61-3) 9542 6666 outside of Australia, or email