Community Care

Colorific over many years has established a community care program and it is with great pride and pleasure that we support children locally and around the world through a variety of philanthropic programs.

When initially setting up the program it was decided our criteria for giving would be to assist charities that helped sick and underprivileged children. As children are our prime customers and Colorific operates primarily in toy markets, we thought it was appropriate to give back to the kids in some way.

For over 20 years we have been supporting various wonderful causes and have formed strong relationships with some of these charities. In that time we are proud to say we have given away thousands of toys and donations. We would like to thank our whole team and our customers for helping us make it possible to put smiles on so many kids' faces.

We like to include our Colorific team as much as possible and over the past few years have undertaken several events within our office to raise awareness for various causes and encourage the act of giving. We even give our staff members the opportunity to be involved including a day off to participate in a charitable activity of their choice and entry into charity events.