What else can I do with... Foam Shapes?

12 November 2010

Foam ShapesThe thing that makes foam a great craft material is that it behaves like paper – easy to cut and glue, and like fabric – you can sew it, it is easier for younger children to manage and easier for older children to achieve some great results with a little extra imagination.

The foam shapes and sheets in the Colorific range are from lovely soft EVA foam in a selection of excellent vivid colours.

  • Precut: letters and shapes available as well as in square sheets for larger project work. 
  • Strong: the nature of the foam makes it water resistant, flexible and able to withstand medium tension. 

What else can you do with foam?

Anything you like!   Foam is so great because it can be glued with regular glue, cut with scissors, bent and stuck in almost any form!

1. The foam sheets are perfect for 3D modeling as they are flexible enough to bend into shapes, yet sturdy enough to retain their form – use for model houses, useful desk accessories, hats & masks, photo frames, bag tags, keyrings, boats…stick edges together with PVA glue, cellotape, staples, or sew them with needle and wool.

2. The precut shapes are great for collage work, maths counters, matching games…

3. Letters and numbers can be used to embellish things, to create spelling and maths games, bingo cards, fridge magnets…

4. Create your own stampers for paint or ink. Stick shapes onto a cardboard base, Cardboard Rolls are great for this use, roll them into a layer of paint and press into paper – remember if you use letters to put them on back to front.

5. Use a full sheet of foam and weave stems randomly through it. Join edges to make a cylinder shape using glue or ‘sewing’ either the traditional way or with more stems or stapling. Then gently mold and model the structure using the stems to provide support. You can create some fabulous 3D structures combining more sheets and more stems with lovely moving parts and vibrant pieces hanging off them.

Hopefully that gives you a few ideas for uses of foam – shapes, sheets & cutouts.

Let's hear if you think of any more!

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