Art Activity - Soil Diorama

03 November 2010

Soil DioramaThis art activity is a celebration of the earth’s crust…otherwise known as dirt!

There are more layers and complexity to the uppermost section of the earth than we give it credit for, and it would be a great activity to research the different layers (hint: bedrock, regolith, subsoil and organic) and how they formed.

Here is a simple art activity of creating a fun diorama in a box lid!

You will need coloured Dough Worx (we recommend red, blue, yellow & green), matchstix, pom poms, scatters, sequin stars and pva glue. You can make the diorama in a shoe box or other small box lid, or use the Colorific Cereal Card Boxes and cut them open on one side – you can then write information about the different layers on the hinged box side.

Enjoy…and we would love to see some photos, post them  on our facebook page the results are sure to be dimensional, bright and fun!

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