The Value of Craft

Craft activities help your children develop their skills.

Imagination and Creativity

Children can build their imagination and learn to think for themselves!

arrowThe Colorific difference: While most Colorific craft kits provide suggestion sheets to get kids started, the suggestion sheets also encourage them to come up with their own ideas!

value of craftContribute to children's development

Craft projects involve a mix of manipulation, identifying shapes and sizes, moulding, drawing, painting, gluing, cutting, creating and making things which all help developing children's fine motor skills.

arrowThe Colorific difference: Our craft kits are usually multi-activities to develop and use different types of materials. For instance: Funky Fun Butterfly Lanterns are based around drawing, gluing, moulding plaster and painting.


Enhance planning skills and Improve concentration

Completing an arts and craft project requires proper planning. Therefore making arts & craft activities means learning to plan things well in advance. Children involved in Arts and Craft activities learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. These activities also teach them perseverance.

arrowThe Colorific difference: All our craft kits offer projects where the duration of the activity grows with the age group: older children don't finish too fast and younger ones can see results in a reasonable timeframe (matching with their attention spans).

Enhance Social skills

family doing craft

Craft projects allow children to spend time together. They are also a great opportunity for parents and grandparents to spend more time with their children / grandchildren.

Arts & Craft enhance communication and emotional skills as they allow children to express themselves other than with words or actions.

arrowThe Colorific difference: Colorific brands and products are developed based on strong positive family values.

Sense of Achievement

Being proud and a feeling of satisfaction build up children's confidence.

arrowThe Colorific difference: Over the years, Colorific has developed successful advertising campaign based on pride and sense of achievement.