BLOOM POPS – Pick, Stack, Pop! Create, wear and display gorgeous flower fashion accessories

Fill your world with Bloom Pops, the latest amazing flower creations from Colorific! With Bloom Pops you can create gorgeous flower fashion accessories and show them off to the world as simply as pick, stack, pop!

Pick from loads of felt fabric petals and create any combination of colours, patterns or shapes you like, from animals, to sweets, to rock style and so many more. Half the fun is in the choosing!
Stack the petals on the flower base in the special design tray. Add a beautifully scented button in the middle, your Bloom Pop will smell amazing!
Pop your stack together using Poppi or one of her friends, the Bloom Pop Makers. Simply press them down on the stack to pop in your flower, revealing your Bloom Pop!

Bling your creations with gorgeous gems! Then just when you think the fun is over, you can un-pop them and recreate more Bloom pops over and over to make hundreds of combinations!

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